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Where you can educate yourself about how to live a healthier life.






Promoting more awareness for Non GMO and it’s benefits.

because we live in a world where people can make their own choices.

1 month ago
GMO Free Canada

Scientist’s ground-breaking research uncovers new risks of GMOs and glyphosate: Within just a few weeks, two studies were published in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports that cast new ... See more

1 month ago
Chikousky Farms: Winter Pork Looking for healthier bacon? Chemical free?

1 month ago
Dr. Joseph Mercola

If you know someone who believes Cheerios are a smart choice for children, you need to show them this.

1 month ago
Food Babe

Why would our Prime Minister allow your children to be poisoned with glyphosate?

A complete US Media Blackout continues on this breaking information... Monsanto weed killer found in alarming amounts in Cheerios, Stacy's Pita Chips and more. It's made the front page in Europe but ... See more

1 month ago
Are Nanoparticles Secretly Poisoning Food? Seems we have more than GMOS and glyphosate to be concerned about in our food ?

Nanoparticles of silver and titanium ingested in food unknowingly by consumers is raising concern over potential adverse health effects of nanotechnology. Th...

1 month ago
New Lab Detects Dangerous Herbicide In Food & Soil Samples Around the World

New Lab Detects Dangerous Herbicide In Food and Soil Samples Around the World By: Christina Sarich A newly opened lab can now detect microscopic levels of the herbicide most commonly used in Monsan…

1 month ago
CBC News

An outspoken advocate, Chopra decried the use of pesticides, hormones and toxins in food production, eventually taking on the Canada's drug approval process.

1 month ago

If you’re trying to get pregnant and raise healthy children, recent science suggests you should consider switching to an organic diet. The Journals of the American Medical Association have ... See more

2 months ago
New German Government Would Ban Glyphosate Herbicides in Shock to Monsanto-Bayer Merger - Sustainable Pulse

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