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2 months ago
Costco to be the First Major Retailer to Dump Monsanto's Roundup and Glyphosate Herbicide from its Shelves

Big news for activists who've been for years petitioning the major retailers.

2 months ago
Gluten-free foods found to contain more arsenic and glyphosate than wheat

The gluten-free diet trend is taking millions of consumers for a ride, says the Weston A. Price Foundation. A non-profit organization dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the American diet, ... See more

2 months ago
European Court Of Justice Orders EU Regulators To Publicly Release Secret Industry Glyphosate Studies

We need this to happen in Canada too.

Glyphosate is a chemical product used in pesticides which are plant protection products and is one of the most widely used herbicides in the EU. Glyphosate was included on the list of active ... See more

3 months ago
Scientists found worrisome new evidence about Roundup and cancer

Scientists Found Worrisome New Evidence About #Roundup and #Cancer A closely watched #lawsuit against #Monsanto/ the #weedkiller’s maker hinges on the link.

A closely watched lawsuit against the weedkiller's maker hinges on the link.

3 months ago
Popular Organic Bread Company Bought Out By Staunchly Pro-GMO Corporation | ... See more

Popular Organic Bread Company Bought Out By Staunchly Pro-GMO Corporationby Nick Meyer | August 21, 2015 Dave Dahl, the new $55 million dollar man, has overcome a lot in his life to build a wildly ... See more

3 months ago
Mother with cancer files billion-dollar lawsuit

Palm Beach County, #Florida #mom battling #esophageal #cancer is filing a BILLION $ lawsuit against #landscaping company and #agricultural giant #Monsanto. #BAYN #Bayer #roundup #glyphosate ... See more

A Palm Beach County mom battling cancer is filing a billion lawsuit against a Florida-based landscaping company along with agricultural giant Monsanto.

3 months ago
Mike Morris

What an awesome MLA!!

3 months ago
40 Different Studies that Confirm GMO Foods are Destroying Your Health

Perhaps we should send these rats with little pink ribbons on them to Health Canada to make a statement. BAN GLYPHOSATE!

For years Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and other biotech based agricultural companies have told the public that we have nothing to worry about.

3 months ago
First Ever Glyphosate Strip Tests for Food and Water Enable Affordable Home Testing

The first ever home-use strip tests for identifying glyphosate residues, have been released to the public on Wednesday. It is now possible for people

3 months ago

Page 38 of Western Producer Jan 31/2019 Like we said, the French are leading the revolution on this issue. Many french newspapers in Quebec are printing incredibility truthful stories on the ... See more

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